About Us:

When you hear the name Great British Tea Company England you will probably already have an idea who we are. You will feel something for us an immediate connection with us even if you do not know us because if you have ever sipped, tasted or drunk a Cup of Tea it probably would have come through one of our trading channels.

Great British Tea Company England has a reputation of many dimensions. It stretches around the world through different dimensions, through different Cultures and different Countries that bring people together. The reputation of Great British Tea Company England gives us the ability to continue to make a remarkable connection in bringing people together in their lives sharing their dreams, success and lives through a wonderful Cup of Tea.

We are Pioneers in the field of Tea, Explorers Dreamers Honorable Tea Merchants offering Tea to today’s World. Great British Tea Company England has team members from many different Continents and Cultures. We have a truly Multi National, Multi Ethnic Team creating history everyday like our Pioneers.

Join us to Celebrate years of Passion and Commitment to the World's Finest Tea Enjoyment and Experience. We are driven by passion and enthusiasm as our Pioneers were driven by to bring to the world the very Finest Tea.

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